Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gathering '07

As my first post, I guess I will post some pictures of the gathering. I'm only posting those group photos though.

5s2 2005 group photo 2

I'd like to thank everyone for posing for 1 second for this photo. It's a really nice photo.

5s2 2005 group photo 1

I know I just said that I'm only posting group photos, I'll make an exception with this last photo.

billy and mei

That's all folks. They'll be a couple more photos ( of myself obviously ) on my blog. Hahaha just kidding la, not just of myself.


~kit~ said...

telima kaseh... :)

Phi said...

nice nice nice! Just nice! Haha. But there are only a few photos to comment on. The flash is so powerful la! Even the night seems so bright!

Sean said...

the group photo we took at westwood is without flash le.. that's why i asked everyone to pose longer