Monday, March 3, 2008

Survey 3.3.08

Can you help me with a survey? I'd like to get everyone to know where we are now. Everyone of us key in our current study college name or University name.
Eg. College-Swinburne

For working "adults", kindly key in "working", if you wish to insert your current company, welcome!

Thank you.

Sign off :


Phi said...

Phillip : Working : Kuching High : Temporary teacher.

~kit~ said...

yin kit: study : swinburne: computer science.

sk-殿 said...

does being "god" count as job? hehe.

soonkiong: doing nothing: at home: waiting for result: halfway towards saintdom

Phi said...

walao.. we got "god" as occupation.. Not bad oh 5s2!

Sean said...

Sean: Study: Melbourne University : Design

Working: part-time : cannot tell.

Valarie said...

Valarie : Working : Standard Chartered Bank : Temporary clerk

teens said...

Aveline : Study : Sunway : ACCA