Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mp3 player review

My 600 ringgit sony player. . .

died on me last week. Just after a year of using it. Damn it. Partly because it was my fault. Very hard to explain. I didn't drop it or anything. Lets just say for me to get sound out of the thing, I have to press very hard on my headphone wire.

Then today I got a replacement. The Sandisk Sansa Clip 2gb for 106 australian dollars ( you convert la. I dunno the exchange rate ).

Initially I wanted to get the Iriver E100

The 4gb one sells for 113 dollars here. It plays video, has voice recording, expandable memory, fm tuner. Almost all of the things you need man. A bargain right? But why the hell didn't I get it?

Well the reviews for the iriver isn't all that good. The review for the sansa clip was very good. The reviews claimed that the sansa clip has the best sound ever compared to other mp3 players ( but only if you use some pretty expensive headphones with it otherwise you wont be able to tell the difference ).

I'm currently using KOSS headphones ( i bought it in Kuching for 180 ringgit ).

It's dying on me as well. But I'm getting my mom to bring a new one over for me. I think its the cheapest but fcking BEST headphone's I've ever put on my ears. The nearest competitor I'm guessing would be the 600 ringgit+ sennheiser ones. How would I know? Because there's this girl in my course, who saw me using these and agreed with me that these were the fcking best, but she ended up getting the sennheiser ones because the KOSS one wasn't "fashionable" enough. hahaha.

My verdict on the Sansa clip? The bass on the sony is actually more powerful. But it seems that the sound is clearer on the sansa. Well, I can't really tell the difference actually haha. My headphones aren't that expensive enough to get the maximum out of the player. The cnet reviewers used 500 dollar headphones on it.

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