Monday, January 30, 2012

Hi everyone!!

Knock Knock... Seems like this blog for 5S2 has been abandon for quite a long time. Oh wells, actually I am supposed to be studying for Commercial Law but... it just did not work out it should be. =) It's just pathetic to study during Chinese New Year period and having exam soon is just disastrous. Let me guess who would be the first to read my post... haha....

How has everyone been?? I thought I might just do a bit of silly stuffs before I continue to day dream or 'study' because I can't get access to facebook. Holy crap... someone changed my facebook password for good so I can 'study'!! Thanks to the person that I found another place to kindly use up my time!!

Happy Chinese New Year for my dear classmates!! Everyone is missed!!

Kind Regards from Canberra,

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