Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tuan-tuan dan puan puan,

I'm back again. Sorry I have to scribble here since I don't have my own blog. I promise to create my own blog when I am done with exam. It doesn't matter really since nobody is reading this blog anymore. I can write all I want. Wehhheee...

Today was Unilodge check out date. Everyone was busy moving out and of course there were others busy moving in too. Actually I am not staying in Unildoge but I just 'tumpang' my friend's room over the summer. That's the problem. The cari pasal receptionist memang cari pasal. She didn't allow me to renew my card yesterday because she say I don't have any authorization from the owner of the room.

"Hallloooo.... how on earth did I get the key card if my friend did not know I was staying in his room and he did not give me the permission to stay in his room". Sorry, I'm low EQ but I think she is low IQ lor...
Then I emailed my friend and asked him to email the receptionist of Unilodge. Yes, she did renew the key card for me today, BUUUUTTTT, she say she can only allow to extend the key card to work for another 4 days. The reason she gave was coz my fren did not state how long I will be staying in his room. OK, so she said she will email my fren to confirm how long I will be staying here. Now, I have to renew the key card after 4 days.

Eh... it's saturday after 4 days... how can I renew the key card when the office is close. Aduh... if this really happens, I cannot leave the room for the weekends or else I really can't get back into the room since the key card is not working. I don't want to sit in this small room (ok, at least it is better than the room I had in B&G) and I want to go out after my exam... Darnnn... Sitting in the room before exam period is suffering enough and it is not good for my back as I am ageing. LOL

Trying to think of a way to go out of the room and get back in without the key card. Maybe I can climb like spider man and enter into my room through the windows or I can open my locked room like what Harry Potter did "Alohomora",and tink... it's open.

Enough of imagination going wild!! time to get back to reality where XXX breach duty of care... XXX breach duty of contract... If everyone can do things by good faith, there's no existence of law. Then i won't have to study for law now. =)

Canberra has weird weather, so hot in the day but so cold at night!!
Good night everyone!!

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