Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cheat sheet for exam

I'm back again... but can't spend too much time tonight to let my mind go free. =)

I just planned to do summary for my law exam, which is held tomorrow at 9am. LOL. Well, this is not the first time this kind of things happen. I remembered when I had exam for Actuarial Techniques, we were allowed to bring in one double sided cheat sheet. But I was too lazy to do the cheat sheet, so I asked from my friend for her cheat sheet from previous year.

At around 12:01am on the exam day, I can't get through the fact that I am using other's cheat sheet in exam, so I decided to do my own cheat sheet. So, I started to make up my own cheat sheet and thank god the exam was in the afternoon. HAHA... I finished my cheat sheet by 4am that exam day (when ur adrenaline is high, u can do things as fast as superman)and I went to sleep until around 1pm. After shower and lunch, I happily bring my cheat sheet to exam hall, but maybe the cheat sheet was so useless to me, that I forgot to take it out of my bag. LOL. Things I include in my cheat sheet were never in the interest of lecturer to be as exam question, so my friend say next time before exam, he should have a look at my cheat sheet and he could ignore those things I've included in my cheat sheet >.<''

In the end, I still manage to get and use my nicely design cheat sheet during exam. By any chance, if I still have my cheat sheet, I'll post it and let u guys to have a look. But I think I gave away all my notes including the cheat sheet.

Off I go to do my law cheat sheet, but if I can't finish it, I still have my friend's cheat sheet as back up!! =)

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