Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hello people

Hello, Sean here.

Most of us are turning 20 soon. Have you thought about the plans for the near future? Getting married and having children doesn't count.

Have you thought about venturing somewhere else to pursue your dreams? Or would you rather just find a stable job near home, find a partner and settle down?

These are the choices that we all have to make very very soon. Sooner than you might think.

Personally, I think its to early to think about settling down. The twenties are the beginning of our youth. Dream big and do big before its too late.

By being too late I mean when you reach your 30s. You don't want to start a family too late either. It's going to be such a burden supporting you're children when they're just starting uni and you're already getting ready to retire.

Don't be afraid to take risk. Most importantly, you are in control of your own future. Don't let others tie you down.

I have no idea why I'm posting this here. Hahaha. Well at least I'm keeping the blog alive.

C'mon people, lets all share crap with each other.

I'd appreciate it if you guys post some pictures and news of Kuching. I've not heard any news of home for a very very long time hahaha. Shit. I haven't called home for weeks as well. :-P

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Valarie said...

What if I intend to be a spinster and do not want to support a family? LOL!

Phi said...

Lol. I thought about the years left before anyone of us actually set up a family... haha.

7yrs, or 8yrs, or 10yrs?

~kit~ said...

baboon already married rite?
18-yr-old... hahaha...

Phi said...

lol.. yeah, 18yrs old.. but yet to..