Thursday, April 17, 2008

Myth? What myth?

What myth do you guys have about studying overseas?

Before I came here I didn't really think much about living overseas. It's just like a 'wham bam, thank you ma'am' sort of situation for me. It all happened so fast.

I've been in Melbourne for almost 3 years already. It feels more like home now.

Every year I have a different perspective of this place.

I remember the first year I came, I had no idea what Melbourne looks like. The only glimpse of it was when I was on the plane and I saw some pictures of it in the magazine. Even during the first year, I did not really explore much of Melbourne, it was basically go to school and come home sort of situation. Then second year here, I slowly explored the city and all its small lane ways. I got more familiar with my surroundings. Now third year, I hope to explore more of the surrounding areas of the city.

Ok i am talking BS again. hahahah...... I would encourage you guys to go travel. Not just for a week or 2. I mean really really stay there for at least a month. You'll truly learn things that you'd never thought you'd learn


Phi said...

yeah, some sort of wondering... What actually happened over there which changed you?

Culture? Lifestyle? There are lots of factors out there. I wonder what makes you feel like home now. Hahaha. Second home.

Sean said...

what happened over here? Its just the fact that there's no one to look over me anymore. No family and such. You get the idea. I sort of learn independence. Managing money, finding food. All those stuff. The managing money part really changed me. Its like, if I spend too much on unnecessary things, I won't have enough to eat. Even small things like, should I buy milk or soy milk ( milk cost about 5 bucks, soy milk 2 bucks for 2 litres ). I've made a decision to spend a little bit more on food and little bit less on everything else. So I end up with orange juice in my fridge every week. Mmmmmm I can't live without my juice.

The culture here is also something that change me. Well sort of. I didn't really change la. Its just this part of me has always been there but wasnt able to show it back in kuching. People here are more open and friendly ( well not all la - I'm still scared of those drunken young adult ang mos )

Without family being here, I don't have those family obligations that I have to follow, you know what I mean. I have my freedom to do whatever I want. For example, I just recently bought a 200 dollar skateboard. I told my mum and she was like, dont skate on the streets, its dangerous. pfft. Did that stop me from skating on the streets? I know my limits la. I use my skateboard to go home from uni late at nite after there's no more trams.

Phi said...

A little more on food, and a little less of everything. I'll remember this.

Hahaha. culture wise, i heard much over there. It's good that we learn to take care of our safety and avoid unnecessary problems.

Hmmm. Without restriction, i guess since we've received education since young, now is the time we discipline ourselves yet we allow ourselves to have chance to change. hahaha. It's a break through!

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