Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yoooo0o0o0oo i'm here to contribute something too :D

For those who wants ta contribute too tell yin kit.

And yes i freakin agree about engineers coverin up architects' asses to make sure nothing goes wrong as they play around. zomg why am i studying this pieca shit subject, who's the retard that goes around spreading "civil good! civil good!"

Bwahaha actually i didnt know much about all these shit. Only after 2 Years in Swinburne KUCHING <--(lasap place) then i discovered how pieca shit civil engineering is. F6 dudes out there, turn back before it's too late!!! Go take architecture!!!

Here's a brief scenario:
-Architects designs a certain building until FHUUUAAAAA
-Architects feel proud and having fun
-Civil Engineers:"yamakacheebuy this SeanChewSengHuat walao f*ck man"
-Calculates with colleagues.
-Calculates again
-and more calculation
-and more calculation
-bangs the wall
-Curses SeanChew the architect agian
-knock head on the wall
-knocks the wall more
-enter quarrel with colleague
-more calculation
-hair loss
-FINALLY! The whole shit is stable !!! IT STANDS!!! (with this this that that etc material + various calcs)
-ok 1 of 20 complete, 19 more to go.

And that's in office work. w00t we have field work to get urself sweaty wearing safety helm and boots and gettin all high on mud - yea baby. zz

After everything's finish, most of the time the architects get all the credit for designin this FHUOO thing and the $$. Whilst eng people get ignored and if the building/bridge/wadever fails/falls we go to jail.

End Of Story


Sean said...

I dunno bout malaysia la... but here in australia, just recently, architects can go to jail now if building falls

~kit~ said...


Sean said...

architects dun get all the $$ laaaa... design only cost a lil from the entire cost of construction.... engineers make more money.

Valarie said...

Haha! so, it's either the name or the moolah situation. Which do you choose?

Sean said...

I would choose neither. I have been told many many times that in this world, everything is about money. There is no more pride left in the world.

sk-殿 said...

haha nice one shin.

partially agree, but if i get to build something in kuching if i walk the civil engineering route, it'll be more to building it with pride then. but make sure the project's real big 1st lah. hehe

Sim said...

architect can go to jail now izit? malaysia still fui ler lol.

and recently my uni's renovation heard from my frnd mom in the financial department thingie the architect gets around 70% of the moneh.

Naw!!! engineers can suck my cock!
Go back u guys! dont come near engineering!!!

Sean said...

no such thing as architects get all the money costs are controlled under the architect's board. The construction process is like a hierarchy system. With the client at the top ,followed by the person in charge of the money, then architects and engineers in between, and workers at the bottom la... The only person who could possibly makan money is the contractor. He could lie about the materials he used to cut cost thus the extra money all go into his pocket.

Nemu~iii said...

Actually, senior engineers just tell the architects to just redesign the stupid crap if they think its gonna fall. Smart engineers would probably just copy some of the aspects of the design, post it as their own and screw over the architect. Muhahahaz...